Alexis B.

Team Member at Westminster College

Class of 2021

Hometown: St. Michael, PA

Major: English

I chose to attend Westminster College because...

the staff made me feel at home before even selecting a school.

How has Westminster prepared you for life after college?

Westminster has provided me with an amazing support system of professors and friends. These relationships have given me the confidence to not only excel personally, but also in my academics and future. With the positive reinforcement I have gained here, I know anything in the future is possible.

My favorite place at Westminster is...

the third floor of the library. By far the quietest place on campus!`

I'm passionate about...

organization Compassion for Others Learning Astrology Conspiracy Theories Writing Reading Music

I'm involved with...

Mailroom Attendant Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society Holcad Student Newspaper Resident Assistant Lambda Sigma National Honor Society
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