Emily R.

Team Member at Westminster College

Class of 2020

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Spanish

Concentration: Spanish/ESL Education

Minor: Secondary Education

I chose to attend Westminster College because...

I choose to attend Westminster because it felt like home. The staff, students, and even the buildings and surrounding town seemed to welcome me with open arms. Also, I always imagined myself at a college with a strong sense of community, and I always observed and admired Westminster's amazing sense of community when I was on campus.

My favorite place at Westminster is...

My favorite place at Westminster is anywhere alongside Lake Brittain. It is a beautiful, peaceful, and scenic spot to sit and study or hang out with friends.

How has Westminster prepared you for life after college?

I have learned many valuable lessons from the faculty, my fellow students, and just life at Westminster in general that have prepared me for life after college. I have learned how to have meaningful conversations, how to communicate with people effectively, and how to be proactive and take leadership. I have learned that I am not just a body among the masses, and have learned that my voice and opinion are important. I have also learned how to project these things with confidence. I believe these are useful skills to use not only in the job that I will have after college but also in my daily life from today on. Westminster has also set an amazing example to be of how to be a part of community, and that is important because after college, I will be a part of many different communities, such as my place of work, home, and community.

I'm passionate about...

I love learning about different cultures. Reading Swimming Running Serving Others ESL Tutoring Teaching and Guiding Kids

I'm involved with...

Tutoring Camp Counseloring Westminster Swimming and Diving Team Tour Guide Orientation Leader Lambda Sigma Phi Mu Fraternity Colleges Against Cancer Fellowship of Christian Athletes Habitat for Human
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