Chelsea G.

Alumnus at Westminster College

Class of 2019

Current: Pennsylvania

Hometown: Johnstown, PA

Major: Psychology

Secondary Major: Sports Management

Minor: Human Resources

I chose to attend Westminster College because...

I fell in love with the campus and all of the people here. It truly feels like my home away from home.

How has Westminster prepared you for life after college?

Westminster has given me the opportunity to conduct independent research at the undergraduate level while also allowing me to take different types of courses to broaden my way of thinking and exposing me to different work environments.

My favorite place at Westminster is...

My favorite place at Westminster is the lake because it's a nice reminder of how beautiful our campus is during all seasons and serves as a nice place to go and clear your mind.

I'm passionate about...

Women's Lacrosse Soccer Swimming Softball Sports Music

I'm involved with...

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