Carsyn J.

Team Member at Westminster College

Class of 2022

Hometown: Worthington, PA

Major: Accounting

Secondary Major: Financial Economics

My favorite place at Westminster is...

Though I love most places on campus, the peaceful quad and the bustling tub, my favorite place at Westminster is my own room. My room is of my own design and everything is the way I want it. It is a haven for me when I want to be alone yet also a place I can bring friends to when I want to spend time with people. I am able to focus on my studies in my room and also take a nap here and there. Many people will say that college is not about hiding away in your room, but rather going out and experiencing new things. But I think that college is what you want it to be and for me it is a place for me to be comfortable while learning and pushing myself toward my future degree. Everyone's definition of their college experience is different and mine is calm, quiet, and educational which is why my room is the perfect place for me.

I chose to attend Westminster College because...

When I started applying to colleges Westminster College was not one of my top choices. I had just gone through a gap year after high school because my senior year was nearly a catastrophe and I wasn't even thinking I could qualify at a private school. My sights were purely on state schools that I knew I could get in to. During FAFSA applications, my parents and I saw that I could put up to ten different schools on my application. We decided to fill it in with all ten, even though I wasn't even applying to all ten. When we got to the end of the list, we were finding it more difficult to find other colleges to add on. My dad actually recommended Westminster College because he had been there once to visit a friend and thought it was very nice. So I added it to the list and sent in my application, even though it seemed much too expensive. Not long after, I got my acceptance and I found out a had received an excellent scholarship that would bring my price down to a rate lower than attending a public school. I was so excited that I immediately set up a tour to check it out. My first and only tour was so amazing and I loved talking to our tour guide. She knew everyone on campus and being on such a small and secluded campus was exactly the experience I was looking for. My tour was so amazing and it made me absolutely fall in love with Westminster College, to the point that I didn't tour any other campuses and paid my deposit soon after it!

How has Westminster prepared you for life after college?

Westminster College has kept me in touch with important groups and people to prepare me for my future. My academic advisor has kept me in check with future internships and coursework that will keep me on track for graduation. Not to mention I have the PDC to go to for help with a resumé and other professional help. There are also many clubs available to further my experience with real work within my major. Though I am only a sophomore, I can only imagine how much support they will continue to provide me as I near graduation and a future career.

I'm passionate about...

Securing a good future for myself and those around me Becoming a foster/adoptive parent Giving others the experiences that I have had Helping students plan their financial future when they don't understand the way finances work Being a leader and helping others Helping People See That They Can Succeed

I'm involved with...

Off Campus Job Titan Guides Lambda Sigma National Honor Society Resident Assistant
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