Charlotte E. S.

Team Member at Westminster College

Class of 2021

Hometown: Mechanicsburg, PA

Major: English

Concentration: Writing

Minor: Communications

My favorite place at Westminster is...

The nook of chairs near the new Public Safety Office (the old Graduate School) that overlooks the quad. It is phenomenal for people-watching and a secluded place for reading or chatting with friends over coffee.

I chose to attend Westminster College because...

The professors are genuinely passionate about the subjects they teach. They take time to get to know you as a person and find out why you enjoy the subjects you're studying. This was true even before I committed to Westminster. On my first tour I met with two professors who each took more than an hour of their own time to meet with and get to know me. I love how Westminster interacts with the surrounding New Wilmington community, and creates its own supportive and encouraging community on campus.

How has Westminster prepared you for life after college?

Westminster has allowed me to take charge by applying for leadership positions in numerous campus organizations -- some even as a first-year student. I am able to see how my efforts culminate in success or advantages within the organization I am a part of. Working hard will only be further enforced from here on out.

I'm passionate about...

Walks Girl Scouts Community Service Shopping for Dresses Organizing Hanging Out with Friends Musicals Harry Potter Writing Reading Handlettering Crafting

I'm involved with...

Women's Soccer Team Vintage Bible Study Habitat for Humanity Orchestra Concert Choir Lambda Sigma Campus Programing Residence Life Handbell Choir UKirk Campus Ministry Team Holcad Student Newspaper
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