Eve T.

Alumnus at Westminster College

Class of 2019

Current: Cabot, PA

Major: Molecular Biology

Minor: Psychology

My favorite place at Westminster is...

Hoyt Science Resources Center. Since I am a science major, I spend lots of my class and lab time there. My favorite spot is the third floor study lounge. It's very cozy to study and also have study breaks. I love being in the same learning space where I can bump into my professors and have a casual conversation.

How has Westminster prepared you for life after college?

Westminster prepares students daily in their high academic standards and work ethics. In addition to our brilliant and caring professors, the college provides many opportunities to prepare for jobs and continuing education. There are seminars throughout the semester, alumni connections, the business symposiums, research presentations, and the Career Center. All the faculty are extremely helpful, and genuinely want the students to succeed. I have gone to the Career Center for help making my resume professional, finding shadowing experiences, and connected me to alumni for advice and insight into my possible career. Westminster has made me a well rounded liberal arts student with the ability to research and present my own progress.

I chose to attend Westminster College because...

I felt like I was immediately welcome. I had the typical movie moment, where it just hit me on my tour that this is where I would be. WC felt like a small home town, and a tight knit community. It definitely is, and has a "Westminster bubble". Everyone is extremely friendly and inclusive.

I'm passionate about...

Psychology Guiding Others Working with children Traveling Helping People See That They Can Succeed Biology Reading

I'm involved with...

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Phi Mu Fraternity Greek Life Chemistry Club Student Operations- Information Desk Fresh Start Tri-Beta
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